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THE Nomas Center of the Ministry of Culture and Sports has launched the Qatari Culture Ambassadors project aiming to prepare a generation of young men and women to bear the country’s cultural heritage.
The project seeks to train 40 young men and women between the ages of 14 and 18 for a period ranging between 3 and 4 months, to work as professional assistant trainers who carry this legacy and achieve sustainability in the field of human and social development, in partnership with Oryx GTL company.
The project also aims to achieve Qatar National Vision 2030 in the field of human and social development to enhance the national identity, consolidate the values and traditions of the Qatari community and preserve its heritage, as well as prepare a working group of young people to represent the Qatari culture during the World Cup 2022.
Qatari Culture Ambassadors project Director Dr Haya Al Madadi said the project seeks to empower youth and achieve the goals of Nomas Center to prepare young men and women to carry the message of their ancestors. As part of the project, they will learn international languages to facilitate the process of communication and cultural exchange, she said, pointing out that the participants are Nomas Center’s distinct graduates and candidates.
Madadi pointed that the programme will award the participants with certificates from NOMAS, and will also give them assistant trainer cards. The training
will focus on the skill side by 70 percent, and the knowledge side by 30 percent, she said.
She added that the training programme will be delivered by professional trainers and will include continuous assessment.
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