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With the deadline to register the national address expiring on July 26, a Ministry of Interior official said that people who are unable to register because they are stuck abroad will be dealt with leniently.
“Nationals or residents who are currently outside of the country, whether for treatment, study or because of the circumstances stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, are eligible for leniency if they present proof of their inability to register,” Lieutenant Colonel Dr Abdullah Zayed Al Sahli, Head of the National Address Section in Public Security Department, said.
As per the Law No 27 of 2017, Qatari nationals and foreigners residing in the country are required to register their local addresses in Qatar with the Ministry of Interior through its website, service centre or its smartphone app, Metrash2, by July 26.
With COVID-19 pandemic disrupting flight services across the world, several expatriates are stuck abroad.
The official called on people in Qatar, institutions and companies to expedite registration of their national addresses.
He said more than 1.5 million people have already registered their national addresses.
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