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Qatar Airways (QA) has persevered, grown, expanded and invested even more during the last three years, airline’s Group Chief Executive Akbar Al Baker has said.
“There has been no slowdown. We have survived and become stronger. The airline is also the largest in the world over the past three months measured by Available Seat Kilometre,” Al Baker said.
“Based on March, April and May figures, Qatar Airways is deemed the largest international carrier in terms of capacity,” he added.
The QA chief said Qatar Airways is making fewer job cuts than what many airlines around the world have announced.
He said tourism will rebound as soon as there is a treatment or a vaccine for the coronovirus (COVID-19).
“We will make sure that we rebound in time, stronger than we were in the past”.
He said Qatar Airways is negotiating with both Boeing and Airbus to fulfil the requirement of deferrals and “we hope that both manufacturers will oblige.”
“We will grow once we have seen the business rebounding and we will keep on sustaining ourselves and being a major player in the aviation market,” he added.
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