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A Qatari law has ensured the preservation of public health and protection of the society from infectious diseases and epidemics, according to experts participating in a webinar hosted by Qatar International Center for Conciliation and Arbitration (QICCA), in co-operation with the Qatar University (QU) and Qatar Lawyers.
They assured that the recent amendments to the Prevention of Infectious Diseases Law have provided the legal framework for the government efforts to contain the spread of the coronavirus.
During the webinar, held under the theme ‘Patient & medical crew between the civil and criminal liability and challenges brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic’, QICCA reviewed the rights and responsibilities of patients during a contagious disease, and the civil and criminal responsibilities of medical crew in the time of epidemics.
QICCA board member for international relations was present at the event.
QICCA’s Assistant Secretary-General Ibrahim Shahbik said that the major developments in the world’s medical and therapeutic fields over the recent decades have increased errors in medical work and have also resulted in a significant increase in the number of lawsuits for damages for these errors.
Dr Sonia Malak, professor of civil law at QU’s College of Law, reviewed the provisions for protection of public health and the rights of the infected with contagious diseases.
She noted that the Qatari legislature has sought to include several measures that protect public health from infectious diseases, which will have a positive impact on the infected or the individuals surrounding the patient.
Dr Iyad Haroun al Douri, assistant professor of Criminal Law at QU, said that the world countries have quickly amended their legislations to keep up with the medical developments and crimes related to the coronavirus outbreak.
Douri reviewed the most important litigations that dealt with the epidemics that hit humanity in the last few centuries. He also reviewed the crime of spreading epidemics from the purview of the Qatari law, and tightening of penalties for any dangerous act towards others and the society.
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