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Maryam Maged Abouzaid
Don’t underestimate the coronavirus, but don’t panic as well, Dr Muthanna al Salhi, a paediatric surgeon at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) who recently recovered from COVID-19 (the disease caused by coronavirus), has said.
In an interview with Qatar TV, Dr Salhi advised people in Qatar to follow the instructions of the Ministry of Public Heath and, most importantly, stay home to guard against the virus.
He also expressed his gratitude to Qatar’s healthcare staff for his recovery from the virus. He said, “I recovered from the coronavirus, thanks to God and the efforts of the healthcare staff in Qatar who handled my treatment.”
According to Dr Salhi, he had flu-like symptoms in the first three days of the infection. Subsequently, he lost the sense of smell and taste and that was when he decided to visit the Communicable Disease Center at the HMC.
“When I started having more symptoms of the virus, I called other specialist doctors and they advised me to undergo the COVID-19 test,” Dr Salhi added.
“A medical team was also sent to my house to conduct the tests on my family members in order to ensure that no one else got infected with the virus,” Dr Salhi pointed out.
According to him, he was given five different medications that are used normally during other epidemics in course of the treatment. “The medicines given to me included antibiotics and the ones meant for malaria and HIV patients,” he said.
Dr Salhi said it took him five to six days to recover from the infection. “Two tests were conducted -- the first after seven days of treatment, and the second on the following day after 24 hours. Once I had my recovery results, as per the procedures, I had to isolate myself for 14 days before going back to my family,” he said.
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