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Qatar has affirmed its commitment to assisting its partners worldwide, including the US, to overcome the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.
“Qatar’s economic prospects and the future of bilateral Qatari-American relations are still bright,” Ambassador of Qatar to the US HE Sheikh Meshal bin Hamad al Thani said. He stressed the commitment of Qatar to assist its partners including the US to overcome the crisis.
The ambassador said this while participating as a keynote speaker at a video conference organised by the American Chamber of Commerce with a group of American businessmen.
The conference discussed how Qatar managed the COVID-19 crisis and the current economic situation of the country. As many as 58 entities representing prominent American companies such as Abbott Laboratories, MetLife, ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips, General Electric, Motorola, and Inventus Power, participated in it.
The envoy stressed the flexibility of the Qatari economy, pointing to several reports issued recently by independent organisations such as the International Monetary Fund and Moody’s, which emphasised the economic strength of Qatar.
The ambassador briefed the American companies on the extent of regulation and the comprehensiveness of the response of the government of Qatar to combat the coronavirus. The measures put in place helped Qatar being one of the countries that experienced the lowest death rate in the world due to the efficiency of its healthcare system, he noted.
Despite the impact the coronavirus has had on the missions of the Qatari embassy and its activities in the US, the basic goals of the country have not changed, he added.
He touched on the important, vital and effective role that Qatar Airways played during the coronavirus pandemic. He said many countries, including Germany, France, and Britain, have formally requested their citizens to use Qatar Airways planes to return to their countries, and even praised Doha through social media for its effective contribution in facilitating this task.
He pointed out that the company has been described as a lifeline between Asia and Europe, and also between Asia and America in having helped people return to their homes.
For their part, representatives of American companies praised Qatar’s response to combat the coronavirus. Many companies indicated that their operations in Qatar were not affected at all by the pandemic and that its employees in the country enjoy wide access to healthcare, medicines, food, and all other amenities.
Several attendees also praised the intensive humanitarian efforts being made by Qatar around the world, including the US, to support the global response to the virus.
The member companies of the American Chamber of Commerce have expressed their desire and interest in organising such partnerships with the Qatari Embassy to continue to strengthen the Qatari-American economic partnership despite the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus.
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