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Qatar is an important ‘stopover’ site for migratory birds and a permanent residency for about 300 species, according to the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME).
The World Migratory Bird Day was celebrated on Saturday under the slogan “Birds Connect Our World”.
The MME said Qatar attaches great importance to the protection of wildlife and its natural habitats and has endeavored to the establishment of many areas and natural reserves to protect and maintain environmental systems and its components.
Al Karaana lake has become a new habitat for wild and water life, providing a natural and healthy environment that includes different types of birds and pelicans. The lake also provides a green resting station and clean water for migratory birds that pass over the country.
The World Migratory Bird Day, which was celebrated for the first time in 2006, is a new global platform aimed at uniting conservation efforts, enhancing knowledge and raising public awareness of the urgent need to protect migratory birds and their habitats, as well as addressing threats to their migratory pathways around the world.
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