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Tribune News Network
The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH), in cooperation with the Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC), Hamad Medical Corporation and Qatar University, will conduct a drive-through coronavirus (COVID-19) survey on Wednesday and Thursday to better understand the transmission of the virus in the community.
Nasal and throat swabs of nearly 2,500 random people will be collected as part of a unique study to better understand the “flow of the virus in the community”.
The study will be carried out in drive-through swabbing hubs at three PHCC centres —Al Thumama, Al Waab and Leabaib.
Participants of the test will be randomly selected based on age, gender and ethnicity.
Selected participant will be notified through a text message from PHCC.
The drive-through COVID-19 survey steps include:
1. Text message invitation from PHCC; 2. Online registration; 3. Arrive in your car; 4. Survey questionnaire; 5. Nose and throat swab; 6. Results by phone.
The aim of this exercise is to conduct a community survey and gain more insight into community transmission and asymptomatic cases, which will in turn inform policy decisions. These temporary drive-through swabbing hubs are by referral-only.
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