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Qatar has rejected retired Major General Khalifa Haftar’s declaration to have obtained a “popular mandate” to govern Libya. This is affirmation of his persistent attempt to stage a coup against international legitimacy and the Libyan national consensus.
In a statement on Wednesday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs affirmed that Haftar’s declaration is based on false pretext and reflects his disregard for the sanctity of the loss of Libyan blood.
“At a time when the world’s efforts are directed to stop the bloodshed in Libya and fight the coronavirus pandemic, we see the continuation of the militarisation of the scene, attacks on civilians and on the political track, without any regard for the tragedy of the children, women, elderly, and displaced persons of Libya,” it added.
The statement called on the international community and actors in Libyan scene to shoulder their responsibilities to prevent Haftar and his militias from killing more innocents and tearing the Libyan nation apart.
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