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Vodafone Qatar has launched a next-generation wireless voice service – VoLTE or voice over LTE – that enables high-definition (HD+) voice calling on its GigaNet cellular network and the simultaneous use of voice and data.
Vodafone VoLTE will allow customers to use 4 G data seamlessly to browse the internet and use data-driven apps without interruption even when on a voice call, without the need to stop using the internet.
Customers can also look forward to superior voice quality compared to 3 G voice and faster overall call connection. Handsets that support video calls will benefit from LTE video calls.
Vodafone Qatar’s Chief Operating Officer, Diego Camberos, said: ““This could not have been a better time to introduce VoLTE as yet another addition to our world-class GigaNet network. We are all social distancing responsibly and having to rely on technology to multitask and keep our busy lives on track - to reach out to friends and colleagues, even while we shop, order food or send messages. VoLTE is a major step towards enhancing customers’ calling experience, with the ability to use voice and data at the same time, HD+ quality voice calls, and faster call set-up.”
VoLTE is an optimised mobile-only technology that enables cellular voice calls over a 4 G Long-Term Evolution (LTE) network and fully integrates voice and data for better experience. Starting with enhanced service quality, Vodafone Qatar’s customers can look forward to further innovations from VoLTE’s capabilities in the near future.
Vodafone customers with a VoLTE-compatible handset can use their smartphone settings to enable the service if it is not automatically enabled. Vodafone works closely with its smartphone partners to enable VoLTE to use an even wider range of smartphone models. VoLTE is charged the same way as all other voice calls.
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