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Ailyn Agonia
Qatar Foundation’s (QF) Art Trail programme has recently activated its Instagram account (@qf_trail) to keep art lovers in the country engaged in the local art scene, particularly in the impressive public art collection of QF even while staying at home.
QF Art Trail, an initiative launched in 2016, have suspended all its in-person art tours in Education City as a precautionary measure for the outbreak of coronavirus disease.
“Due to the current situation, QF Art Trail has suspended all art tours in Education City. While physical tours will not be possible, QF Art Trail has started its Instagram account to create an opportunity where the community members can enhance their art knowledge through enjoyable activities. By providing digital art contents that are both informative and interactive, QF Art Trail is aiming to ensure its continuous engagement, participation and interaction with the community,” QF Senior Art Specialist Layla I. Bacha told Qatar Tribune.
The QF Art Trail social media takes its visitors on a virtual tour of some of the buildings in Education City housing QF’s public art.
The postings include not just images and videos but also some information on particular art piece or installation such as the inspiration of the artwork and about the artists. Images of previously held art tours are also posted giving an idea on the fun, informative activities hosted by QF Art Trail for the community.
Layla said, “We are not looking at replacing the tours; we believe that the experience received while physically being in space is completely different from the experience received while consuming content digitally. Our aim is to deliver the same quality of knowledge but in a different context. QF Art Trail social media is aiming to provide a didactic entertainment through providing a variety of art information related to QF art in interactive way.”
She added that from January 2020, QF Art Trail has delivered nine different tours to the public during which, it was the first time for the programme to offer tours led in Arabic.
“We have more than 600 members registered in the Art trail programme, but the capacity of each tour is limited to 25 persons. This capacity is related to tour locations but also was made in order to maintain tours quality,” said Layla. In view of the current situation in Qatar, she said the dynamic team of QF Art Trail is planning different digital programmes to be delivered to the audience. Live or recorded and one-to-one sessions in different topics and forms will be offered to cater all age groups.
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