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The Ministry of Education and Higher Education said it has ensured comprehensive participation of all students in the country, including students with disabilities, in the distance learning process in order to enable them to continue their studies.
The students with disabilities are being provided special services and educational materials -- including activities, videos and guidelines for parents -- according to the level and type of their disability.
In this regard, the ministry added that educational videos in sign language have been produced for students with hearing disabilities, which can be downloaded daily to the application or Microsoft Teams under the supervision of teachers and sign language specialists.
The lessons are receiving great response and interaction from students and their parents, the ministry said, adding that they are broadcast daily on Qatar educational channels to ensure that students have access to them.
The quality of the videos produced for general education students has been ensured in terms of clarity of voice and instructions to ensure that students with visual impairments can also use them.
The ministry said it ensures that students of the 3rd level of support (students with intellectual disabilities and those with autism accompanying other disorders) also are getting lessons daily through their teachers
based on their individual plans with the inclusion of training that the students are required to accomplish under the supervision of guardian.
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