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The Public Prosecution, represented by the Institute of Criminal Studies and the Cybercrime Prosecution, organised a joint workshop for the national agencies involved in cybercrime, within the framework of exchanging experiences and coordination between the Public Prosecution and national bodies.
The workshop aimed to raise the efficiency of work and coordination between all national agencies involved in combating cybercrime in the area of investigation procedures and ways to extract digital evidence to prove these crimes.
It also aimed at providing participants with the necessary information and skills and enhance the joint coordination of all the affiliates of the bodies.
The workshop topics covered the Internet Protocol address, electronic research and investigation, obstacles to official dealing with websites, prohibitions when dealing with digital evidence and its causes, technical obstacles and its impact on the result of the examination, and the retrieval of data.
The three-day workshop attracted 50 participants from the Public Prosecution, the Ministry of Interior and the Supreme Council of the Judiciary.
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