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Bedaya Center for Entrepreneurship and Career Development (Bedaya Center), a joint initiative by Qatar Development Bank and Silatech, in collaboration with coach Najlaa al Khulaifi, hosted a motivational workshop on the occasion of International Women’s day.
The workshop highlighted the importance of self-communication (intrapersonal communication), balancing responsibilities as well as sharing success stories on women empowerment.
During the workshop, Khulaifi shed light on the methods of using and discovering self-communication techniques, which contributes significantly to empowering women.
The attendees at the workshop were made to understand the process to assess strengths and weaknesses that will help them to discover themselves and better understand the challenges that they could face, and thereby achieve their goals in a more effective way.
In the second session of the workshop, Khulaifi discussed balancing responsibilities and how to achieve it through effective techniques and tools.
Khulaifi outlined how women can balance their responsibilities as majority of them have multiple responsibilities that vary between home, work and study, which increases the daily stresses they live in.
Commenting on the workshop, Reema al Khater, marketing manager at Bedaya Center, said: “We are pleased to celebrate International Women’s Day, where we sought, during this motivational workshop in collaboration with coach Najlaa al Khulaifi, to help the attendees discover themselves by highlighting their strengths and weaknesses using their skills and talents to achieve their goals in life, in addition to learning the best methods of balancing their responsibilities.”
“We also reviewed, at the end of the session, a set of success stories about empowering women, with the aim of inspiring and encouraging attendees by sharing life and practical experiences of successful businesswomen who managed to overcome barriers and prove themselves through their projects in different sectors,” she added.
Khulaifi said, “Qatari women play an important role in the field of entrepreneurship in Qatar due to the support they are earning locally. Females form 60 percent of the registered entrepreneurs at Bedaya Center, reflecting the growth in the number of projects run or owned by women that confirm the culture of Qatari women and their knowledge about the market and business, and its related aspects.
“However, to face the big competition in the market, we must support women by all means to overcome challenges and obstacles that prevent them from getting involved in the business world. Our support and motivation will play a crucial role in energising these promising women entrepreneurs to face competition with strength and effectiveness.”
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