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Syed Muhammad Imran Momina, alias ‘EMU’ of the legendary music band Fuz?n, was declared the Global Cultural Ambassador for Pakistan Souq in Doha recently.
EMU visited Doha at the invitation of Pakistan Souq and was awarded the ambassadorship in a ceremony attended by a large number of Pakistani community members, notables and influencers of the community, music enthusiasts, and local singers and musicians.
Supported by Pakistan Embassy Qatar, Pakistan Souq is an online community platform created primarily for business purposes. It’s become very popular because of its social, cultural and community-friendly activities. Its aim is to engage the Pakistani community in economic, social and cultural arenas.
EMU was accompanied by Pakistan Souq CEO Amir Saeed Khan to the event, which was graced by Pakistan Ambassador to Qatar HE Syed Ahsan Raza Shah and Commercial Secretary Salman Ali.
The ambassador welcomed EMU in Doha and congratulated him on his nomination as Global Cultural Ambassador of music and showbiz for Pakistan Souq.
Dr Khalil Ullah Shibli, who coordinated EMU’s Doha visit, said this honour is likely to bring in a new dimension to the future of music, fashion and cultural activities in Qatar for the Pakistani community.
Fuz?n has been the most popular, celebrated and longstanding band of rock, pop and classical fusion genre in Pakistan for more than 19 years. The group was formed in 2001 and produced its first album ‘Saagar’ in 2002, with phenomenal songs like Khamaj, Aankhon kay sagar, Ankhian, Teray bina and Deewanay. ‘Saagar’ was followed by another famous album ‘Journey’ (2008) with famous songs like Neend naa aaye and Soona soona.
EMU of Fuzon produced a tribute to the legends in 2015 with music maestros Tufail Niazi, Ghulam Ali, Ustad Salamat Ali Khan and legendary Mehdi Hasan, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Reshma.
EMU is very popular as an accomplished pianist, music composer, arranger, producer and an audio-video recording expert with plenty of international performances to his credit. He has been on the showbiz and music circuit for the last 30 years. Despite his huge success, he continues to be an extremely humble soul who loves to interact with people wherever he goes.
During his visit to Doha, Qatar Broadcasting Service Urdu Radio FM 107 interviewed him live on its Saturday Brunch Programme when the phone lines got jammed because of the love, affection and interest shown by the Qatar’s Pakistani and diverse communities, who dialed in to talk to him live. He and his group Fuzon have performed in India, Bangladesh, China, London, Los Angeles and many other places. He has also composed music for films, television commercials, dramas, tableau, and for dances like ‘Ballet Beyond Borders’. He now mentors several young musicians and singers.
“EMU’s plan is to create a local group of Qatar-based singers, musicians and performers and bring their talents to a professional level by providing them with focused training. He wishes to set up a recording studio under the auspices of Pakistan Souq and conduct music classes in the future,” said Dr Shibli.
Currently, he is the member of governing body and the chairperson of music committee of Arts Council of Pakistan, Karachi.
Although it was a short visit to Doha by EMU, it will likely have a big impact on Qatar’s cultural scene in the future. “Stay tuned folks for more and better as he will be back,” said Dr Shibli.
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