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Qatar tribune

QNADohaThe Ministry of Education and Higher Education has directed public school principals to ensure that nutritious meals are available to students at nominal costs in school canteens.In a circular addressed to the principals, the ministry specified a list of food items, their approved prices and the required nutritional standards they should meet.As per existing guidelines, at least two items from all food groups — fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins and dairy — must be served daily at schools, the ministry said in the circular. It also lists food items that should be served at least once a week and certain prohibited items that must not be served in the canteens.The ministry said the canteens must display the daily and the weekly menus along with the nutritional values of the dishes on offer, as well as list the prohibited food items.The ministry pointed out that a set of “special dishes, soups and hot drinks” should be provided to students of preparatory and secondary schools.

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