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Digital Print Center (DPC) shined a spotlight on global humanitarian issues while picking up an esteemed silver award in the Creative Special Effect category at this year’s FESPA Global Print Expo in Munich, Germany.
The Qatari printing and production company brought sharp focus to the refugee crises as its submission – The Other World – took judges on the dangerous voyage that migrant travellers undergo. Harnessing intricate cutting-edge techniques and inventive use of ink and light, DPC’s poster secured a second win at FESPA.
At first glance, DPC’s artwork can be viewed as a simple stormy seascape. Once the backlight is activated, it brings another element to focus – a boat crowded with passengers in the middle of the sea, which was created through the use of a delicate pinhole technique.
The third chapter of the story is revealed once the UV light is lit at the bottom of the frame. Fluorescent ink, which is invisible under standard lighting, reveals a group of people on the shoreline – far less of a crowd than seen on the boat.
Speaking about the award, Rashid al Nuaimi, chairman of Dallah Holding, DPC’s parent company, said: “This win means the world to us. It’s a testament to the team’s diligence and dedication to showcase creativity and competence while creating global impact.
“It is rewarding to witness how we strive to be in a leading sector in the Qatari market and being able to compete internationally. This award has once again highlighted Qatar’s aptitude to excel.”
Wassim Aldayah, CEO of Dallah Holding Media (DHM), said: “Last year’s FESPA Gold award that we have won for the first time has empowered DPC’s distinctiveness in the Qatari market which has also resonated to all companies of DHM. It emphasised that DHM is to be trusted and relied upon to bring creative vision to life.
“Our awarded creation is another work that went further in demonstrating creativity by having an in-depth understanding of the concept and executing the storyline with intricate details.”
Seraj Ghazal, GM of DPC who attended the award ceremony, said: “Receiving this achievement for DPC has proven that we set no limits in revolutionising our services. The Other World is a piece of strong evidence that we are capable of delivering projects that are beyond the standard method of printing which is through different innovative techniques.”
Through continuous researching of advance technology printing solutions, we are able to acquire leverage in the printing and production industry in Qatar.”
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