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Commercial Bank’s VIP Sadara customers was hosted by Hussain al Fardan, Vice Chairman and board member of Commercial Bank, at “Al Tawash” Gallery, home to his private collection of pearls, one of the largest, diverse and fascinating in the region, the bank said in a statement on Wednesday.
To these valued affluent relationships, it was rare opportunity to have a close scrutiny of the unique jewellery pieces displayed therein.
They also had the opportunity to a tour of the gallery, courtesy, Fardan himself, passionately narrating the fascinating history and techniques of pearl diving besides captivating stories behind each and every exclusive pieces of jewelry in the collection.
Pearl diving and trading has been the mainstay and backbone of economy long before the discovery of oil in the Gulf region, hence evoke historical significance and strong social and emotional bonds amongst many Gulf based communities.
“Al Tawash” Gallery is the epitome of this colourful legacy over the last six decades making each and every piece of the collection, which marvel all visitors. Besides the outstanding collection of handcrafted ornaments, several units of regionally popular raw pearls, such as “Dana”, “Dorra”, “Hasbaah”, “G-1”, “Sherine” and “Gumash” are displayed among others. Pearls of different sizes, colours, shapes and weight are on display.
AGM, Head of Sadara Banking, Reham Thawabi said, ““Al Tawash” Gallery owes its treasured legacy to Hussain al Fardan, whose undying passion for natural pearls, highlighted his commitment to preserve their history and to revive an important cornerstone of Qatari heritage.
“The exclusive invitation to VIP Sadara customers comes as a gesture of goodwill, appreciation and gratitude for their continued loyalty to Commercial Bank.”
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