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If you have been driving recklessly or using mobile phones while driving, better beware! Traffic officials with civil registration number plates are now patrolling the streets to curb traffic violations.
The General Directorate of Traffic (GDT) has recently started secret traffic patrols using cars with civil registration plates to catch erring drivers and help reduce road accidents.
Among the most prominent violations that the Traffic Department is trying to limit are driving without wearing a seat belt, overtaking from the right and using a mobile phone while driving.
“The most important traffic violations are to overtake from right, move from one lane to another without giving a signal, speeding and crossing the barrier between two streets,” Lt Ali Saleh al Yami of the GDT said.
He added, “We are running inspection campaigns and have developed a strategy with instructions from Assistant Director of Traffic Department Brigadier Abdullah bin Nasser to be present in all areas of Doha to monitor traffic violations.”
Secret patrols, like any other cars, run on the street, but their mission is different: to monitor traffic and make sure there are no violations. If a vehicle is found flouting traffic rules, the patrol team then stops the driver and imposes penalties.
“This was the first time I came across about the existence of a secret police patrol,” said one of the drivers who was caught recently by a secret patrol. “I am convinced that the presence of these patrols will contribute towards reducing accidents and help all drivers abide by law,” he added.
Lt Col Jaber Mohammed Adiba, Director of Traffic Awareness Department, has called on all road users to cooperate with the traffic patrols and abide by traffic rules to contribute to achieving road safety for all.
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