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Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Qatar (VCUarts Qatar) in Education City will be hosting a lecture titled ‘Design in areas of conflict’, the latest in its series of Crossing Boundaries lectures.
Ghadeer Dajani, design and production manager at Disarming Design From Palestine (DDFP), and Raed Hamouri, executive director at DDFP, will talk about what occupation does, how it restricts craft and product development, where politics, design and crafts meet, and how design knowledge and skills can be supported within the Palestinian community through knowledge exchange.
It will also ask how designers can be empowered to more actively engage in society through collective design-thinking courses and social design impact.
The lecture will take place on November 19 at 12.30pm at VCUarts Qatar’s Atrium.
DDFP will also be giving a series of workshops that are open to the general public, and to Education City faculty and alumni. At the workshops, participants will design new products based on the techniques of the items that each of them will bring to the workshops. They will then focus on their product’s narratives. What are the complexities? Is there a political dimension behind the product, its production and distribution? What does it mean from a social and ecological perspective?
The workshops will be limited to a maximum of 25 participants per workshop, and will take place between November 18 and 20 at VCUarts Qatar’s Atrium.
The public workshop will take place on November 18 at 6pm at VCUarts Qatar’s Atrium.
The workshop for Education City faculty and alumni will take place on November 20 from 5pm to 8pm at VCUarts Qatar’s Atrium.
Anyone who is interested in taking part in the workshops should RSVP to [email protected]
Disarming Design from Palestine is a thought-provoking design label for the development and presentation of contemporary design from Palestine. The products vary from ceramics, toys and fashion to household items. They are made by designers and artists who are working in collaboration with local producers, and who are feeding innovative ideas for the production of crafts.
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