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Qatar tribune
Tribune News NetworkDohaHayya Cards may not be required to enter Qatar 12 days after the start of the World Cup, Hayya Platform CEO Saeed Ali Al Kuwari has said, clarifying an earlier statement that suggested that the World Cup Fan ID was mandatory to enter the country from November 1.After the first 12 days of the tournament, the entry procedures would be reviewed in line with the existing situation then, he was quoted as saying on the ‘Majlis’ programme of the Alkass Channel.Qatar is hosting the football’s biggest championship between November 20 and December 18. The Arab world’s first-ever FIFA World Cup is expected to bring more than 1.7 million people to Qatar in those months. According to Kuwari, the influx would be the greatest in the first 12 days of the tournament and the period would require crowd control. But after that, he pointed out that “requests” for entry to those who do not possess a Hayya Card would be “reviewed”.In a similar television programme a week ago, Kuwari had said that only three categories of people would be allowed to enter Qatar from November 1 — citizens, residents and people with Hayya Cards.
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