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Since June 2017, Qatar Foundation (QF) has established two new schools and brought another one under the umbrella of its Pre-University Education; opened Sidra Medicine, a world-class hospital for women and children and a centre for pioneering medical research; and graduated 1,564 students from its nine homegrown and international partner universities.
It has also relaunched Doha Debates, a platform for global dialogue and diverse perspectives on the world’s biggest issues; and brought together more than 250 young innovators from Qatar and beyond for the first two editions of the Arab Innovation Academy, a groundbreaking regional entrepreneurship program developed through a collaboration between QF member Qatar Science & Technology Park and the European Innovation Academy.
Meanwhile, WISH 2018 – the biennial summit of QF initiative the World Innovation Summit for Health – drew more delegates (almost 2,200) from more countries (116) than ever before.
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