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QATAR University celebrated the graduation of a new batch of students of the Arabic for Non-Speakers Center at a ceremony held on Thursday in the presence of a number of university officials, faculty members and students of the centre.
The list of graduates includes more than 60 students of 30 nationalities who received a high standard of education to develop their communication skills in standard Arabic, listening, reading, writing and speaking courses as well as various cultural aspects.
The Director of the Arabic for Non-Native Speakers Center Dr Abdullah Abdul Rahman said in a statement to Qatar News Agency (QNA) that the centre admits 60 to 70 students annually of the large number of applicants of different nationalities to join Arabic language programmes, which may reach up to 2,000.
He said the capacity of the centre will increase during the coming years, thanks to the university’s expansion of various programmes and partnerships around the world.
He also mentioned Qatar’s initiative to teach Arabic to non-Arabic speakers, which was announced during the meetings of the Asian Cooperation Dialogue held in Doha earlier this month.
In his speech at the ceremony, the director of the Arabic for Non-Native Speakers Center said the centre has succeeded through the university in signing more than 30 agreements with many of the world’s leading universities, thus providing opportunities for exchange through a package of study scholarships to its members.
The centre plays a vital role in strengthening relations between the State of Qatar and different countries through its scholarships presented to nationals of these countries.
The Arabic for Non-Native Speakers Center offers its programmes to students in Qatar and abroad whose mother tongue is not Arabic.
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