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Santhosh Chandran
QATARI farmers producing quality organic products are increasingly using bio- bins to enhance quality production. The farms use bio- bins not just to collect food, animal and agricultural wastes, but to process the waste in order to produce compost or organic fertilisers from it and use it to produce organic food.
Awareness about environmental benefits and high quality of organic fertilisers has made bio- bins popular among new generation of farmers, who have emerged especially after the blockade.
Speaking to Qatar Tribune, the General Manager of Biobin, a local firm that manufactures and supplies bio bins to agriculture and hospitality sectors, Eugene de Jongh said, “For the last eight months, we are manufacturing bio- bins of different sizes as part of Made in Qatar campaign. The demand for bio- bins has steadily increased among farmers after the blockade.”
He added: “Given the increasing demand, we are trying to expand our market network by catering to hotels, supermarkets and restaurants as well. The cost effective device is affordable even for small restaurants as it is developed locally with simple technology.”
The growing use of organic fertilisers generated from agriculture and animal wastes is also benefiting farmers in terms of reducing production cost considerably.
An official of a vegetable farm in Al Khor said, “Installation of bio- bins has made our farm waste-free and more eco-friendly. We are always keen to keep away inorganic materials from our farm in order to make the farm more environment-friendly. Bio-bins have solves the issue of waste management, which has been a big challenge for many farmers.
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