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AROUND 70 students from 28 local schools in grades 9, 10, 11 and 12 took part in Georgetown University in Qatar’s (GU-Q) Planet Georgetown after-school programme, which kicked off on GU-Q’s campus in Education City on Sunday, to get a taste of college life.
The five-day programme, which concluded recently, was part of the university’s year-long initiative dedicated to helping local high school students prosper academically and prepare to become successful lifelong learners.
Held under the theme ‘Borders, Nationalism, and Immigration’, the programme helped the participants learn about some of the critical issues facing the world.
The programme was led by Jibin George Koshy, the educational enrichment manager at GU-Q. “Through Planet Georgetown and a variety of programmes and initiatives, Georgetown demonstrates a firm commitment to extending our substantial resources to the wider community in Qatar to develop future leaders and diplomats,” he said.
By taking part in Planet Georgetown, he added, “students learn critical thinking, research and debating skills they will need when they transition to university, or on any path they pursue after high school. Each year, with its theme based lectures, simulation exercises and skill-building activities, students are pushed out of their comfort zone to become well-rounded individuals.”
At the beginning of the week-long programme, which is offered at no cost, members of GU-Q’s world-renowned faculty delivered college-level lectures to introduce the complexity of the programme’s theme. The participating students examined real world case studies, honed their public speaking skills in a student debate, and role-played stakeholders of global immigration in a crisis simulation exercise.
Throughout the year, Planet Georgetown offers enriching workshops and growth opportunities to help local high school students achieve their academic goals and prepare them for college interviews and the college application process. However, the special week-long immersive after school programme is only offered in the spring semester.
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