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Ashraf Siddiqui
Qatar is a leading source of investment for the world and a beacon of diversification, Ambassador of the Dominican Republic to Qatar HE Dr Federico Alberto Cuello Camilo has said. He made these remarks at a reception he hosted recently to launch the special issue of LatAm Investor Magazine dedicated to the Dominican Republic.Present on the occasion were Ambassador HE Tariq al Ansari, director of International Technical Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Mohammed F al Khater, aviation expert, as well as members of the diplomatic corps and business community of Dominican Republic.
In his address on the occasion, Ambassador Camilo said the special issue provides in-depth analysis of the growth being witnessed by agribusiness, electricity, logistics and mining sectors in the republic.
He noted: “This supports the emerging interest of Qatar-based investors in existing and potential opportunities in tourism, logistics and energy distribution sectors in the Dominican Republic.”
He said the magazine features interviews of important officials including the Governor of the Central Bank of the republic Héctor Valdez Albizu, Finance Minister Donald Guerrero and the Economics Minister, Isidoro Santana.
The ambassador further pointed out that the Dominican Republic witnessed seven percent growth in GDP in 2018, which is one of the highest in the region.
He noted the growth in the republic’s logistics sector, its potential for diversifying the energy matrix and the steady growth of renewables.
“These are all key messages that I hope will resonate beyond these walls with the wider business community in Doha, a leading source of investment for the world and a beacon of diversification as an essential element of a resilient development strategy,” concluded Camilo.
Tarek al Ansari, director for International Cooperation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, thanked Ambassador Camilo for launching the special issue of LatAm Investor Magazine in Doha. “Your drive as ambassador here will lead us to look at your country with fresh eyes. For many years now the Dominican Republic has been the growth leader in the region and your sectors of interest are also of interest to Qatar.”
Mohammed Fahad al Khater, aviation expert at MOFA, stressed the importance of opportunities presented by the Dominican Republic, wishing for the full and expeditious entry into force of the Open Skies Agreement between Qatar and the Dominican Republic.
“Based on the fifth freedom, Qatar Airways will be able to fly from the Dominican Republic to the rest of the Americas, thus helping the Dominican Republic consolidate its role as a hub for the region. It is a huge opportunity for us as well to source important foodstuffs in the region for consumption in Qatar, thus helping boost our trade flows,” said Khater.
Fadi El Hassan, Dominican citizen, chairman, Midwil Trading Inc lauded his embassy’s efforts in strengthening bilateral relations between Qatar and the Dominican Republic.
Ambassador Federico Alberto Cuello Camilo thanked Dr Raed Omari, Abdulaziz Alatteya and Mir Asrar of Group 8 Holding for their valuable support in organising the event.
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