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Hisham Aljundi
Qatar has made significant progress in improving workers’ conditions and protecting their rights, according to the International Labour Organisation (ILO).
“Qatar, through a bundle of legislative reforms, managed to significantly improve the conditions of labourers and has become a model in the whole region,” Director of ILO office in Qatar Hutan Humayunpour told media persons during an event conducted by Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs (MADLSA) and a representatives of the ILO in Doha on Tuesday. “Officials in the concerned departments are following up the matter to enforce the legislations and laws,” he said.
Humayunpour said all countries in the world have issues when it comes to labour rights and Qatar is no exception. But they are very cooperative and have achieved a lot so far in this field.
“Qatar opened an office for us in Doha which is an indication that they are willing to solve any issues related to this field,” he explained.
Asked about giving the opportunity for media to meet labourers and observe them independently, Humayunpour said this is a very important matter and transparency should be guaranteed to assist government in their observations too.
Mohammed al Meer from MADLSA said the ministry cooperates with media to facilitate this process.
The ILO official insisted that media should have a greater role in observing and shedding light on these issues.
“We reject all the fake media propaganda and fabrications about Qatar. What we are seeing here is keenness by the concerned bodies to come up with measures to provide best working and living conditions for labourers and we at ILO must be fair with all the parties, government, labourers and employers,” he concluded.
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