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Qatar’s foreign-currency reserves soared to QR179.40 billion ($49.52 billion) by the end of December 2018, increasing QR42.47 billion ($11.72 billion), or 31.02 percent, from QR136.93 billion ($37.79 billion) in the same month last year.
According to the monthly monetary bulletin released by the Qatar Central Bank (QCB), Qatar’s foreign reserves rose 1.79 percent from QR176.24 billion in November 2018.
Gold holdings accounted for QR4.68 billion of Qatar’s international reserves, while balances at foreign banks and holdings of foreign treasury bills and bonds each made up QR49.06 billion, the QCB said in a statement.
The gas-rich country’s foreign reserves included QR1.94 billion worth of special drawing rights (SDRs) held with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), raising the total value of official reserves to QR110.49 billion.
Foreign-currency liquid assets amounted to QR68.91 billion last month, the QCB data showed.
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