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Sheikh Mohammed said Qatar and the African Union are working together to achieve the desired peace in Darfur region in Sudan and exploring ways of finding solutions to other outstanding issues in the region.
He called for concerted efforts to find lasting and sustainable solutions to the issue of irregular immigration and the reintegration of immigrants returning to their countries.
African Union Commission Chairperson Moussa Faki Mahamat appreciated the initiative launched by Qatar to support and integrate African refugees in their original communities, which comes at a time when African refugees are facing the most difficult and worsening conditions.
Moussa stressed that Qatar’s efforts in this regard are a response to the violations faced by the African citizen at various levels.
He said the initiative, which is a model of successful cooperation with Qatar, will represent a lasting solution to the phenomenon of irregular asylum and will be the beginning of collective action to reduce the causes of the spread of this phenomenon exploited by smuggling gangs in different parts of the continent.
He said the phenomenon of irregular migration has a negative impact on all continents and supporting the refugee issue, which is a humanitarian issue, will save the fate of a large number of young people stranded in transit countries.
He reviewed the commission’s efforts to resettle refugees in their countries of origin in cooperation with the European Union and the United Nations, where the commission succeeded in resettling 30,000 migrants from Libya back in their home countries, adding that this is a small part of the number of refugees targeted by such initiatives.
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