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The Shura Council at a meeting chaired by its Speaker HE Ahmed bin Abdullah bin Zaid al Mahmoud on Monday discussed the report of the Internal and External Affairs Committee on Qatar’s maritime zones and approved the draft law.
The Council then decided to refer the draft law to the government.
The Council also discussed the request for a general discussion, which was presented by a number of members on traffic accidents, their causes and how to reduce them, especially in Sealine area, despite the efforts exerted by the authorities concerned, primarily the Ministry of Interior, to reduce these incidents.
During the discussion, the members emphasised that, besides the law, special consideration should be given to the cultural aspect, and to raise the awareness of young people about the risks of non-compliance with the law and exceeding the specified speed limits.
The Council members called for the legalising of certain dangerous practices
in order to control and correct them.
They also stressed the important role of the media in reducing traffic accidents and clarifying their dangers as well as the role of the family, society and school in educating young people in respect to the rules and laws of traffic and to abide by proper conduct while driving cars.
A number of members called for a review of the penalties imposed on violators of the traffic law, as well as the rules for obtaining a driver’s licence.
After extensive discussion, the Council decided to refer the matter to the Committee on Internal and External Affairs for an in-depth study and to report thereon to the Council.
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