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The Amir HH Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al Thani on Monday issued the Law No 7 of 2019 on the protection of Arabic language. The law is effective and is to be published in the Official Gazette.
As per the law, all governmental and non-governmental organisations are committed to supporting Arabic language. Ministries, government agencies and bodies are obliged to use Arabic language in their meetings, discussions, and all decisions, regulations, contracts and correspondence.
All state legislation shall be drafted in Arabic and may be translated into other languages if required.
The law states that Arabic is the language of talks, negotiations, memos and correspondence with governments, regional and international organisations with a text in the other language approved for those bodies
Arabic is the language of education in public educational institutions, unless the nature of some courses requires teaching in another language, as decided by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.
Private educational institutions are committed to teaching Arabic as an independent basic subject in their curricula, in cases and in accordance with the rules set by the Ministry of Education.
Universities and higher education institutions of the state are obliged to teach in Arabic unless the nature of academic programmes requires teaching in another language.
Companies and institutions with commercial, financial, industrial, recreational and other purposes are called in Arabic names.
International and local companies and institutions whose names or names of products are internationally recognised may retain the foreign name provided that they are written in Arabic alongside the foreign language.
Trademarks, coins and stamps shall be written in Arabic and may be written in a different language, provided that the Arabic language finds the most prominent place.
All concerned parties shall be given six months to make necessary arrangements to comply with the law.
The fine for violating the provisions of the law is up to QR50,000.
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