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Ailyn Agonia
Nearly 70 exhibitors showcasing different coffee shop themes and concepts feature in the 3rd edition of Kaffeinated, which opened at the Katara Esplanade on Thursday.
The Kaffeinated Festival being held in collaboration with Cultural Village Foundation-Katara seeks to boost the booming coffee culture in Qatar. The festival is meeting place for coffee lovers of different tastes and inclination. Coffee houses in Qatar including a number of startups have put up their shops at the festival which is an ideal place for connoisseurs of coffee to meet, savour the taste of their favourite coffee and enjoy what a thriving culture of coffee has to offer.
Coffee houses are using a variety of means to attract coffee lovers and create a niche market for their product such as using catchy names, unique stall designs, different themes catering to diverse interests and varieties of coffee menu on offer.
Hussain Albuhaliqa, co-owner of National Service Café, hailed the event as platform reflecting an important aspect of hospitality in Arab societies through serving coffee. “Qataris and the residents are in love with coffee and many of them like to try other coffee shops apart from the commercial ones. If you go back to our history, Arabic coffee is totally different from the American and Italian ones that later became popular here ,” Hussain said. page 2
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