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Shopping malls and merchants face a fine of QR1 million or a potential ban on doing business in Qatar if they promote obscene or offensive marketing literature or products, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry has said.Display of goods or materials containing images, visuals or audios that transgress Islamic values, public morals or Qatari traditions and customs constitute a violation of the country’s consumer protection law, the ministry said.Clause 4 of Article 2 on Law No 8 of 2008 calls for the protection of consumers from having religious values, customs and traditions transgressed.The ministry called on traders to coordinate with their suppliers to ensure that goods that are to be sold in Qatar do not contain — or promote — logos, designs, symbols or expressions that are contrary to the teachings of Islam. They are also required to refrain from displaying on the storefronts any goods that might violate “public morals and Qatari traditions”. Use of unsuitable packaging materials or promotional content that might hold symbols or phrases with immoral connotations that affect the religious and cultural values of the community are also prohibited.Images, audios, visuals or other materials with immoral content that violate public morals are also banned.The ministry warned that any violation or negligence in the implementation of these obligations shall lead to a fine of up to QR1 million, the cancellation of the commercial license, banning the violator from practicing any commercial activity or administrative closure for three months.MoCI called upon consumers to report any goods bearing logos or designs contrary to customs and traditions and to specify their locations so that the ministry’s inspectors can take necessary measures.

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