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Jelili Adekola Opadijo
QNA DohaA training workshop on ‘Strengthening the Role of Youth Initiatives in Preventing Behavioural Disorders’ was organised on Wednesday by the Behavioral Healthcare Center (Daam) of Qatar Social Work foundation, on the occasion of International Youth Day.The workshop aims to manifest the mission of the centre by investing in the energies of young people in social initiative ideas to promote young people’s behavioural health. The workshop also aims to raise awareness about the most prominent behavioural disorders in society and proffers the ways to influence them positively to raise moral values among the youth, as well as highlight the role of youth initiatives in behavioural aberrations prevention.The workshop’s participants took part in the practical application of various ideas for youth initiatives that aim to protect the youth from behavioural disorders.Commenting on the workshop, Director of Community Awareness at Daam Jawaher Abu Alfain said that the programme comes within the framework of the centre’s effort to raise community awareness and to prepare institutional and development capacities, by increasing the competence of youth sector workers, as well as those interested in youth-related topics. “All of this stems from the understanding of the importance of raising behavioural and psychological awareness among young people to maintain the stability and safety of society. In fact, the centre seeks to train and prepare everyone under the umbrella of the educational system, in the field of mental and behavioural health, for the objective of achieving the Qatar National Vision 2030, which is based on establishing an advanced society capable of achieving sustainable development,” she said.Abu Alfain noted that youth initiatives are a means for young people to spend their time constructively in accordance with their personalities and time schedules, adding that participation in initiatives also meets the needs of the youth to shape their identities and self-realisation, and develop their sense of independence. The director pointed out that providing training to young persons with youth and community initiative ideas enables them to convey the centre’s message, as well as to make young people positively influence their peers, thus, promoting behavioural health and preventing behavioural disorders.In 1999, the United Nations General Assembly declared August 12, an International Youth Day, turning it into an annual celebration of the essential role the youth play in driving change, in addition to being an opportunity to raise awareness of the problems and challenges facing the youth.
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