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Besides the never-ending violence in Syria and the heartbreaking refugee crisis, there are two other news stories we watch and read every day on TV and in newspapers, respectively the good and bad Donald Trump and the controversial issue about the 'In-Out referendum of Britain on its EU membership, or popularly known as 'Brexit' (merging the words Britain and exit). Various pollsters are regularly tracking public opinion on this issue, and based on recent surveys, momentum is growing behind the EU exit campaign, as more and more Britons want to give Britain the freedom to manage its own affairs. Proponents of the exit believe it would free the country from rules that are adverse to job creation and allow the British government to choose its laws and trading partners. This political issue is quite heavy for me to dig, and I really wonder what good leaving the EU would do for Britain. Is it true that Britain leaving the EU would immediately save its government $12 billion a year in EU budget payments? I am really dumb when it comes to world financial affairs, but this sounds like a really huge amount for a 'freed country' to use for investments and trade deals. I also wonder what impact it would do to other countries. Well, I believe the countdown has begun and British voters will soon head to the polls, so, whichever side they are rooting for, I hope that they will vote wisely as it is a major political decision about the future of their next generation.

Little Pola
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