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DOHA: The Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MoEHE) has announced a series of ministerial decisions aimed at enhancing the quality and efficiency of nursery services in the country.

These new regulations cover various aspects, including the classification of nurseries, staff qualifications, conditions and regulations for operating nursery premises, and specifications on the establishment and renewal of licencing fees.

Commenting on the decisions, Assistant Undersecretary for Special Education Affairs at MoEHE Omar Al Naama said, "The new decisions align with the ministry's strategic direction and objectives for early childhood education. This includes improving services for children at this crucial stage of their lives by ensuring high-quality nurseries, providing a nurturing environment that prepares them educationally and psychologically, and increasing awareness among families on the importance of early education."

The ministerial decisions establish a clear framework for classifying the types of nurseries and setting the required staff qualifications.

Three distinct nursery types are now established: Daycare Nurseries, which provide childcare services tailored to the needs of working parents; Early Childhood and Educational Nurseries, which enhance children's emergent skills such as literacy, numeracy, and linguistic abilities; and Special Care Nurseries, which provide daily care and education services for children with disabilities and learning difficulties through specialised programmes designed to develop their abilities and support their growth using modern tools and methodologies.

The decisions also specify the expertise and qualifications required for nursery staff, underscoring the Ministry's commitment to employing specialised professionals in the educational field. This decision aims to improve the level of care and enhance learning outcomes.

The decisions additionally outline the conditions and regulations that nursery premises must meet to ensure a safe and healthy environment for children. Licenced nurseries must adhere to all safety procedures and standards, thereby enhancing children's well-being and supporting their physical, psychological, and social development.

Additionally, the licencing fees for issuing and renewing nursery licences have been set at QR1,000.

Nurseries will have a six-month grace period from the implementation date of these decisions to adjust their status and comply with the new regulations.

These measures aim to increase the capacity of nurseries, kindergartens, and daycare centres through cooperation and incentivising the private sector. The measures also seek to improve care levels and learning outcomes in line with the objectives of the Qatar Third National Development Strategy (NDS3).

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