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DOHA: The Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs has announced that the aid provided by the Department of Zakat Affairs during June 2024 amounted to QR11,684,940 donated to 370 families eligible for assistance in Qatar.

In statements, Head of the Collection and Zakat Accounts at Zakat Fund Mohammed Ahmed Al Sayed affirmed the Department of Zakat Affairs' keenness to assist families deserving of Zakat funds within Qatar.

He clarified that the assistance provided by the department is of two types, one is provided to families monthly to help them with their needs for food, drink, and housing, which amounted to QR6,872,224. The second is a lump sum aid, which is donated to families once according to need, which amounted to QR4,812,716.

He explained that those eligible for assistance can submit a request for assistance through the Department of Zakat Affairs application on smart devices under the name (Department of Zakat Affairs).

He noted that applicants for assistance must provide all the required documents and upload them in their specified places on the site, while individuals and companies can perform the obligatory zakat obligation.

They can do so through the application or offices and collection points spread throughout the country, or through the express collection service on the phone numbers: (55199990 - 55199996), or through the account numbers of the Zakat Affairs Department at banks.

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