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Palma: A ferry boat from the Spanish port city of Valencia to the resort island of Mallorca caught fire, leaving about 350 passengers stuck at sea for around 24 hours while waiting to be picked up by a replacement vessel.

No one was injured in the incident.

The car ferry Tanacia set sail from Valencia on Sunday evening and was scheduled to arrive on Mallorca on Monday morning, but a fire broke out in the ship’s engine room about halfway along the journey, the Italian shipping company GNV told dpa on Monday.

The Tenacia had to stop and the fire was initially fought with on-board resources, but the flames could not be extinguished and on Monday afternoon, the ship’s captain finally ordered the evacuation of the ship.

Professional firefighters were flown in by helicopter, according to the shipping company.

The Spanish sea rescue service transferred the passengers and some of the crew, who all had to put on life jackets, to two other ships nearby in smaller boats. (DPA)

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