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In a world where technology and innovation are constantly evolving, the contributions of women in engineering are more significant than ever. Women engineers contribute significantly to making organisations future ready through various avenues; they often bring diverse perspectives that foster creativity and innovation, bring a forward-thinking approach to their work, and embrace new technologies and methodologies that keep organisations competitive in a rapidly evolving industry, said Eben Philip, General Manager of Endress+Hauser Qatar, a Swiss-based global player in industrial process engineering.

Engineering is a challenging field which requires one to be creative, versatile, able to handle challenges in a team environment and solve difficult problems for customers and much more. Women in engineering not only face the daily work challenges but also face challenges like balancing work and personal life and navigating career advancement in a traditionally male-dominated field.

“However, our women engineers are leading by example and proving that gender is not a barrier to excellence,” said Philip, and added: “At Endress+Hauser we are proud to have a diverse team of engineers, with a substantial number of remarkable women who bring their expertise, creativity, and passion to their daily work.

“We are fortunate to witness firsthand the transformative impact that women engineers have on our projects and workplace culture. Their presence not only brings diverse perspectives but also fosters an inclusive environment where innovation thrives.”

As one of the world leaders in the automation industry, Philip reiterated, the company was dedicated to the inclusion of women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields; and aims to eliminate the barriers that hinder women’s progress by creating family friendly policies allowing employees to balance their professional and personal responsibilities seamlessly.

Endress+Hauser has a strong workforce in the Middle East with offices in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Oman. Women engineers represent 11 percent of this workforce that is continually growing. The Qatar office has the second highest number of women engineers after the UAE.

“Not only on special days such as the recent ‘Women in Engineering Day’, we celebrate their achievements, recognise their challenges, and highlight their invaluable contributions to our industry and society everyday. The presence of women in engineering roles has been instrumental in promoting a culture of diversity, inclusivity, and respect. This visibility inspires other women within the organisation and creates an environment where everyone feels valued and respected,” Philip said.

He added that the company’s women engineers actively participate in diversity and inclusion initiatives, which help shape policies and programs that support all employees. They also serve as role models and mentors, advocating for an inclusive culture where biases are challenged, and everyone has equal opportunities to succeed.

Leading by Example

Take for instance, Fousia Shamjith, an Instrumentation Engineer at Endress+Hauser Qatar, with a master’s degree in Business Administration (Operations Management). Apart from handling the tasks as an internal sales engineer and managing her family, she also mentors students for workshops and hackathons aimed at breaking down barriers to digital learning, coding and understanding artificial intelligence. Along with like-minded people, she is trying to build a community in which people extend their awareness and interest in electronics and computer learning through a realistic learning environment.

Enhancing Communication and Emotional Intelligence

Women in engineering bring high levels of emotional intelligence and communication skills to the workplace. These qualities are essential for managing teams, resolving conflicts, and ensuring that projects run smoothly.

Khaltoum Jouini, an aeronautical engineer and sales enablement specialist at the Qatar office has been pivotal in empowering sales teams with the tools, training, and information they need to effectively engage with customers, close deals, and drive revenue. Her efforts have significantly improved interdepartmental communication, leading to increased efficiency and a more harmonious workplace. By prioritising emotional intelligence, she is contributing to creating a work culture that values empathy and mutual support.

Inspiring the Next Generation

The International Women in Engineering Day, which was celebrated recently is also an opportunity to inspire the next generation of female engineers. Philip said the company actively engages with local schools and universities, offers internships, scholarships, and outreach programs to encourage young women to pursue engineering careers. By showcasing the achievements of its own women engineers, the company hopes to spark interest and ambition in the minds of young girls who aspire to enter the engineering field.

Lakshmi Vineesh, an Instrumentation and Control Engineer with an MTech in Applied Electronics handles the role of Internal Sales and manages key accounts for Endress+Hauser Qatar. The process industry is complex, but Lakshmi handles her day-to-day tasks with flair offering customers the best fit solutions, handling a wide range of products and services, managing the technical aspects of the industry, understanding compliance requirements, gaining proficiency over digital tools and as the sales cycle is often long in the industry, building and maintaining relationships over extended periods with persistence, patience, and effective relationship management skills.

Promoting Diversity & Inclusion

“These stories are just a glimpse of the exceptional talent we have at Endress+Hauser Middle East. Our women engineers are dedicated to continuous learning and self-improvement, and Endress+Hauser actively invests in various training programs to facilitate this. As we celebrate Women in Engineering Day, we acknowledge and thank these trailblazers for their invaluable impact and reaffirm our commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone can thrive,” Philip concluded.

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