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Qatar tribune
Dr Al Rumaihi added that monkeypox is spreading mainly in central and western Africa, but it has begun to spread uncommonly around the world outside the countries where the disease is endemic in recent months, noting that the World Health Organization has recently announced that the current spread of the disease is a public health emergency that raises an international concern, which is the highest level of preparedness, which requires international cooperation and coordination to limit the spread of the disease and protect the groups most vulnerable to infection.Dr Al Rumaihi said monkeypox is transmitted to humans through close contact, such as skin-to-skin contact with an infected person or animal, or by touching materials contaminated with the virus such as clothing and bedding. He added that a person infected with monkeypox transmits the disease to others as soon as symptoms appear until the rash is completely treated, and a new and clean layer of skin is formed, as the disease usually lasts from two to three weeks.Regarding the symptoms of monkeypox, he said they are represented by the appearance of a rash, high temperature, pain in the joints, severe headache, inflammation of the lymph nodes, low level of activity and back pain.He also explained the complications of the disease that can include secondary infections, bronchitis, septicemia, encephalitis and corneal infection.
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