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Makkah Al Mukkaramah

Director-General of the Saudi Center for Government Communication (CGC), spokesperson for the Ministry of Media of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Abdulrahman Majrashi has said that the Hajj Media Hub enables media personnel to seamlessly carry out their coverage of the Hajj season, offering them an array of the latest technologies, equipment, and services, including a virtual media center.

Majrashi told Qatar News Agency (QNA) that around 2,000 media personnel from 150 local and international media entities will be part the Hub, which is organized by the Saudi Ministry of Media, will be in place from June 10-16.

The Hub, which spans an area of 6,000 square metres, and is running thanks to the collaboration of 15 partner entities from both the public and private sectors, he added.

He said the Hajj Media Hub is the result of a strategic partnership between the Saudi Ministry of Media, the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, and the Guests of Allah Service Program.

Majrashi listed some of the hub's features, including conference halls, studios and live broadcast area, work spaces, media operations room, and a reference area detailing the entire Hajj journey, among others.

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