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Qatar tribune


New York

The UN Security Council plans to vote on Monday on a resolution tabled by the United States that supports a plan presented by US President Joe Biden for a ceasefire in the Gaza conflict. A corresponding meeting was added to the agenda of the body in New York on Monday and is due to take place following a previous meeting.

The resolution supports a plan presented by Biden that envisages an end to the fighting in Gaza in three phases.

According to the US, only the Palestinian Islamist Hamas movement has not yet agreed to the plan. However, there has been no clear and public approval of the plan from Israel’s government either.

At least nine votes in favour are required to pass a resolution in the Security Council, the most powerful body in the United Nations, which is binding under international law.

In addition, there must be no veto from the five permanent members of the body: the US, Britain, France, Russia and China.

Whether the draft resolution would be successful initially remained unclear.

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