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The Ministry of Commerce and Industry of Qatar participated in the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, held under the patronage of His Excellency President Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation, from June 5 - 8, 2024.

The forum, in its 27th chapter, is organized by the Russian “Roscongress” Foundation with high-level participation from heads of governments, experts, and specialists from various countries around the world.

Saleh bin Majed Al Khulaifi, Assistant Undersecretary for Industrial Affairs and Business Development, led the delegation of the Ministry at the forum, who are there to highlight Qatar as a leading regional economic powerhouse and an attractive, stable destination for global investment. The delegation detailed the offerings, incentives and initiatives that have been launched to support the private sector and enhance competitiveness and diversity of the Qatari economy, in line with its National Vision 2030.

On the sidelines of the forum, Al Khulaifi held a number of meetings and bilateral talks with several prominent delegates, focusing discussions on mutual cooperation in several economic sectors while highlighting the incentives, legislation, and promising opportunities that are already in place for investors, businessmen and companies to own and invest in Qatar.

The 27th edition of the forum featured more than 150 panel discussions and debates, in addition to exhibitions held by some companies and countries. One of the main discussion topics was the economic challenges facing the world today and ways to find sustainable solutions, in light of current global transformations. Other topics explored cooperation in international transportation, artificial intelligence and the digital sphere, with education leading the discussion, in line with technological advancements.

The forum also included several sessions dedicated to BRICS countries, covering the enhancement of cooperation among member countries, particularly in the areas of economy, trade, transportation, education, culture, and development. Some sessions also focused on Russia’s relations with various countries, and these sessions were attended by officials and experts from those nations.

It is worth mentioning that the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum began in 1997 and is considered a leading global platform that brings together a select group of politicians, decision-makers, economic experts, CEOs of major companies, business representatives from around the world, as well as representatives from academia, media, and civil society.

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