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The Community College of Qatar (CCQ) launched the second phase of the academic competencies initiative 2024-2025, in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, and the Civil Service and Government Development Bureau.

The initiative aims to support and accelerate employing qualified national competencies with Masters and PhDs degrees for the next academic year. This phase continues the successful first phase last year, by attracting 11 full-time and 21 part-time Qatari academics to teach at the college.

The first phase included 16 specialisations, in the fields of project management, human resources management, marketing, economics, finance, logistics and supply chain management, public administration, business administration, cybersecurity and network security, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, political science, sociology, history, mass communication, and theater.

President of the CCQ, Dr Khalid Mohammed Al Horr, announced in a press conference that applications for the second phase will open today by registering on the national recruitment platform (Kawader) affiliated with the Civil Service Bureau and Government Development, noting that those accepted will join the CCQ directly as faculty staff, and will be assigned teaching duties and an appropriate teaching load, enabling them to complete their postgraduate studies while performing their job duties if required. Dr Al Horr confirmed the success of the first phase in terms of increasing the percentage of Qatari academics in the college, from eight percent before the launch of the initiative in June last year, to 15 percent at the beginning of this year, which contributes to accelerating the process of attracting qualified national competencies to work in the college, and raising the percentage of their contribution to the academic staff to more than 30 percent over the next two years.

Vice President for Academic Affairs at the Community College, Dr Abdulla Khalid Al Ali, said that the initiative aims to provide national outputs that are responsible for developing society and providing the labor market with its needs for qualified national cadres, noting that the job requirements for academic specializations for the coming year include 13 academic specializations.

Director of Human Resources at the CCQ, Mohammed Yousef Al Sheeb, stressed during the press conference that the second edition of the initiative provides distinguished job opportunities at the college, within a stimulating educational environment capable of developing the capabilities of Qatari academic competencies, who will apply for candidacy, in a way that will achieve their ambitions, meet the needs of the labor market, and keep pace with the strategic directions of the state.

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