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Qatar Univertsity (QU) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Sheikh Abdullah Al-Ansari Complex for the Holy Quran and Sciences to promote joint cooperation in the fields of science, religion, culture, and research.

The agreement was signed by Dr. Eiman Mustafawi, vice president for Student Affairs, and Engineer Faisal Mohammed Al-Ansari, executive director of the Sheikh Abdullah Al-Ansari Complex, in the presence of a number of representatives from both institutions.

The MoU stipulates several key points that frame the cooperation between QU and the Sheikh Abdullah Al-Ansari Complex, most notably; coordination and joint cooperation in the field of exchange of expertise and information aimed at enhancing scientific research and education through the exchange of knowledge and expertise between the two parties.

The memorandum also stipulates the organisation of conferences, seminars, workshops, and lectures, where educational and cultural events will be organised that contribute to spreading knowledge and raising awareness in Qatari society. Organising training courses to raise competencies and build capacities through the development of training programmes aimed at building the capacities of individuals and enhancing their skills in various fields.

It also contributes to spreading the culture of voluntary work by developing mechanisms to promote the culture of voluntary work among youth and society in general, as well as cooperation in any other areas of mutual interest.

In a statement, Dr. Eiman Mustafawi, vice president for Student Affairs, expressed her pleasure over the MoU with the Sheikh Abdullah Al-Ansari Complex. She said, “Today, we are pleased to sign a MoU with the Sheikh Abdullah Al-Ansari Complex. We extend our sincere gratitude to the Complex for opening this avenue of cooperation, which reflects our mutual commitment to enhancing education, research, and development and the exchange of expertise among students, professors, and experts at the Complex.

“We look forward to enriching the overall student experience and exploring opportunities that contribute to the development of QU students in general and student clubs specialising in astronomy and Quranic sciences in particular, as the Complex offers various courses in astronomy, celestial observation, and Qatari calendrical studies.”

For his part, Engineer Faisal Mohammed Al-Ansari, CEO of the Sheikh Abdullah Al-Ansari Complex, stated, “Today, on behalf of the Sheikh Abdullah Al Ansari Complex, I express my gratitude to QU. I am deeply pleased and proud to extend the horizons of partnership with the esteemed QU, which holds a special place in our hearts. This partnership, crowned by the signing of this MoU, will undoubtedly enhance the mutual cooperation between both parties.”

Al-Ansari added, “The Complex has initiated a series of activities demonstrating our earnest commitment to our shared goals and visions with the university. For instance, we launched the “Khatma” initiative in collaboration with Mishkat Club at QU for Quran recitation and contemplation, an initiative that has gained widespread recognition both within and beyond the university. The Complex has also provided various forms of support to student clubs and dedicated several astronomical nights for QU students at our astronomical camp. Additionally, the Complex made a notable contribution to the university’s book fair, which was well-received by visitors.”

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