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Qatar tribune

The Cabinet on Wednesday highlighted the effortsto implement the ‘National Framework for Promoting Values and Morals in Qatari Society,’ which is a joint initiative launched in cooperation between a number of relevant ministries, including the Ministry of Education and Higher Education; the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs; the Ministry of Culture; the Ministry of Social Development and Family; the Ministry of Interior; the Ministry of public Health; and the Ministry of Sports and Youth.

The initiative eyes investments in education in a manner that enhances the building of human and knowledge capital as well as sustainable development efforts, in all its economic, social, environmental and human dimensions, thus achieve the goals of the Qatar National Vision 2030.

The National Framework Initiative aims to promote good moral values; follow up on developments taking place in all segments of Qatari society , especially children and youth; identify the key challenges and behavioral problems threatening the fabric of the society; and address and reduce them through the implementation of solid plans that suit the orientations of each target group. Within the national framework comes the “Tanshia Program,” a major contributor to consolidating the efforts of the relevant ministries in activating and implementing the national framework. Tanshia is a result of joint cooperation between the Ministry of Education and the Doha International Family Institute, and it has been applied to 25,000 students. (QNA) page 7

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