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Qatar Chamber participated in a recent high-level Arab meeting on “Entrepreneurship: Towards Empowering People with Disabilities & Productive Families”, organised by the Arab League in conjunction with the Arab Leaders Summit in Manama.

The Chamber’s delegation was led by board member Abdulrahman bin Abduljaleel Al Abdulghani, and included board members Abdulrahman Al Ansari and Acting General Manager Ali Bu Sherbak Al Mansori.

The delegation also included Noora Al Awlan, Director of the Research and Studies Department, and Alsayed Rajab, Advisor to the QC Chairman. QC Acting General Manager Ali Saeed Bu Sherbak Al Mansori addressed the third panel discussion on ‘The private sector’s role in supporting entrepreneurship for people with disabilities and productive families’ which was moderated by Mohammed bin Hassan Al Obaidli, Director General of the Executive Bureau of the Council of Ministers of Labour, and Ministers of Social Affairs in GCC States.

In his remarks, Ali Bu Al Mansori emphasized Qatar’s significant role in providing a host of programs to support entrepreneurs, productive families, and people with disabilities.

He also reviewed the Qatar Chamber’s role in this regard and its commitment to enhancing cooperation with the concerned authorities to support this category.

He stressed the significance of entrepreneurship for the economy in general and for people with disabilities in particular.He noted that entrepreneurship is a skill that can be acquired through education and study, stressing that it primarily relies on the ability to assess opportunities and challenges in the surrounding environment and transform them into productive projects with positive outcomes.Al Mansori pointed out that linking the concept of entrepreneurship with start-ups or for-profit projects is an inaccurate, as anyone can possess an entrepreneurial mindset capable of improving and developing projects that are already existing.

He explained that there are three key elements of entrepreneurship including innovation, risk-taking, and business management.QC Acting General Manager also underscored the importance of launching initiatives to support entrepreneurs with disabilities, affirming that such efforts should be accompanied or preceded by special awareness programs.

He further stressed the importance of providing allocations in social responsibility programs for people with disabilities, aiming to support and promote individual initiatives for these individuals.

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