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Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) CEO Mansoor bin Ebrahim Al Mahmoud on Tuesday said that the QIA would continue investments in artificial intelligence (AI) technologies including data centers, data categorisation, software and applications and chip manufacturing.

Speaking at the “Investing for the Next Generation” panel on the first day of the 4th Qatar Economic Forum, Al Mahmoud stressed Qatar’s diversified investment portfolio in AI technologies. Yet, he elaborated that it was not 100 percent clear who would win in this investment space.

He said that the current investment globalisation is a great risk, as it presents many opportunities, but create radical changes in mental structures which raises concerns and affect societies with the emergence of such technologies.

“The important thing is that all stakeholders including the QIA, political decision-makers and other investment bodies, are ready to invest in artificial intelligence,” he said.

He pointed out that investing in infrastructure and the tourism sector has become very important, in addition to stimulating the private sector, which explains the presence of many new commercial assets in many governments. He pointed out the attractiveness of the Chinese markets for the consumer-related businesses with the Chinese middle class keeping growing.

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