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This investment with a preeminent French fund reflects QIA’s commitment and faith in the value of the semiconductor industry

This investment commitment also demonstrates QIA’s belief in the pervasiveness of semiconductors in the world economy.

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Qatar will venture into France’s tech industry as a major investment body announced its intent to anchor a financial commitment in Ardian Semiconductor.

Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) on Tuesday announced its intent to anchor an investment commitment in Ardian Semiconductor, reflecting QIA’s commitment to a world-leading private investment house with a first-of-its-kind thematic fund, aiming to enhance the semiconductor industry in France and Europe. This investment demonstrates QIA’s position as the financial partner of choice in key technology sub-sectors, including semiconductor and semiconductor supply chain.

As a long-term, disciplined investor in technology, this intent to anchor this investment commitment also aligns with QIA’s efforts to work with diverse businesses at the forefront of innovation.

This investment commitment is rooted in a shared goal of advancing innovations in the semiconductor industry, driving the adoption and commercialization of semiconductor-related innovationsglobally.

This intent to anchor an investment commitment to Ardian Semiconductor demonstrates QIA’s belief in the pervasiveness of semiconductors in the world economy, and their impact on digital and green transformations across key sectors such as artificial intelligence, mobility or consumer technology.

Semiconductor and Semiconductor supply chain remain an important investment area for QIA across all regions.

Other notable recent investments by QIA in this value chain include Kokusai Electric Corporation, a leading semiconductor manufacturing company with world-class technology, playing a key role in the evolution of semiconductor devices. In June 2023, QIA announced it took a minority stake in Kokusai ElectricCorporation.

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