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AMSTERDAM: Minister of State at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs HE Dr Mohammed bin Abdulaziz bin Saleh Al Khulaifi participated in the opening session of the Amsterdam Dialogue 2024, held in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, on Monday.

In his speech during the session entitled 'The State of Qatar's strategy in international mediation', he noted the significant role that Qatar plays in mediation and conflict resolution. He pointed out that in light of the complexities of the global scene, it has become increasingly clear that small countries can have a significant influence in promoting peace and stability.

In this regard, he emphasized that Qatar represents a model for such a country, as it tirelessly calls for dialogue and reconciliation in some of the deep-rooted conflicts in the world.

He indicated that the basic principle that guides Qatar's mediation is its firm commitment to dialogue as the most effective means of resolving disputes, recalling that international law obligates states to resolve their disputes and differences by peaceful means. However, it does not stipulate a specific mechanism, allowing states to choose diplomatic or judicial means.

He said that statistics indicate that mediation comes second as the most widely used peaceful method for resolving disputes, after direct negotiations. He explained that Qatar has developed the practice of mediation, allowing it to navigate diverse geopolitical environments with skill and impartiality, whether in the Gulf region, the greater Middle East, or beyond. He added that Qatar constantly demonstrates a remarkable ability to bridge divisions and facilitate constructive dialogue between conflicting parties.

He pointed out that the war in the Gaza Strip currently dominates the global agenda, noting that the State of Qatar is committed to providing and facilitating humanitarian aid, mediation efforts, and diplomatic initiatives.

He added that Qatar's strength lies in its ability to adapt and engage diplomatically in a bilateral/multilateral approach with its partners and the international community.

Concluding his speech, the Minister of State at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stressed that the role played by Qatar in mediation and conflict resolution serves as a strong reminder of the potential of small countries to make a difference on the global stage.

He added that by prioritizing dialogue, inclusivity, and commitment to international law and sustainable development, Qatar has emerged as a neutral mediator and a trusted global partner in promoting peace and stability worldwide. As a young country, it is crucial for Qatar to ensure building a lasting legacy that future generations can enjoy.

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